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Meet HomeChat

The First No-App Smart Assistant For Your Home

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No App

Too Many Apps? We Agree.

Smart Home Assistants are Supposed to be Easy

Tedious Apps

Subpar Voice Assistants

Using Smart Home technology can be a frustrating process. From basic interactions, to managing all your devices, to scenes and routines; Smart Assistants were built to help us.

Smart Assistant Apps like Apple Home, SmartThings, and Google Home require tedious setup and constant management to create perfect harmony in your home.

Though handy, today's Voice Assistants struggle to understand phrases and commands. Most Voice Assistants still require a mobile app, which takes away from the Voice-only experience.

"It seems all those Smart Home Apps cause me are headaches"

How It Works


Easy Setup and Management

Add new devices to your Smart Ecosystem with a quick text and no app required.


Learning Your Langauge

Warm, cold, bright, soft all mean different things to us. HomeChat works to understand what you mean and how you want your devices to work for you.


Personalized Experience

Based on your device use, HomeChat provides suggestions to improve your daily scenes and routines.


Introducing HomeChat

An Assistant that Adapts to Your Needs

Analytics + Insights

Behavior Driven Automations

Everything Easier

Understand how you use your Home Ecosystem.  Our Home Assistant provides reports and insights to de-mystify how your Smart Home works around you. Access daily and weekly usage insights, energy management, automation tips, and more at the touch of a button.

Your Home is meant to adapt. Based on how you interact with your Smart devices, our assistant provides tailored suggestions and device pairings to create the perfect scenes and routines.

Your Smart Home is meant to be a well-connected ecosystem. Easily integrate with your devices of different brand, size, and purpose all on one platform. Access one-touch settings from anywhere on your phone.

Our Vision

The Connected Home

The Home is one of the most important parts of each and every one of our lives. As technology continues to advance at a rapid pace, our homes are becoming better connected to us. Our vision is to empower homeowners with Smart technology that creates the most personalized, autonomous, and seamless experience that will always work for them.

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