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HomeChat AI

Getting Started with HomeChat AI

HomeChat AI is the foundation of HomeChat Smart Assistant. Try it out below!

To get started, scan the QR code or text 'ParityBlu' to 223-218-2414


HomeChat is an app-less Smart Assistant, meaning you don't have to download anything!

Talking With HomeChat

To talk with HomeChat, make any request to Smart Devices you have, or want to have in your home.

Remember, the demo is just our AI and will not work with your devices yet!

"Turn off my kitchen lights"
"I want to add a Smart light to my bedroom"
"What color can I make my Desk bulb?"

Teaching HomeChat New Phrases

If you say something HomeChat doesn't understand, you'll be asked to explain what your phrase means! This helps HomeChat learn more about how to best communicate with you and your Smart Home.


Say (almost) anything! HomeChat is still young and needs a lot of practice to understand everything you say!


Help HomeChat learn more phrases and words. This will help HomeChat understand more commands and phrases in the future

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